06 December 2020

Guerrini Superior 2 is ready for you

Do you need famous Guerrini Superior 2 accordion for your studio production or live performance with Native Instruments Kontakt or you need sample of that accordion for your keyboard or some software or hardware sample player. Guerrini Superior 2 is most famous and used model of the Guerrini accordions as well as of all accordion trademarks.  

Guerrini Pro 4 sample pack

Pack includes studio quality samples with full effects of one of most used accordions for studio and live performances by Guerrini trademark. This four-voices and 40 years old accordion is biggest and heaviest accordion and has most quality tone voices in that class. Basson, Sopran, Clarinette and Piccolo are four base registers and all other registers have been made by combination of these four, just as real accordion.  

Improve you production

24-bit depth, 3 velocity layers and each with 4 variations, 12+M for solo and Organtone register in bass, all noises during playing, including pressing and release note, changing register buttons, with possibility to regulate volume level or turn it off total, very friendly graphic user interface, key switch notes, suffocate and vibrate tone, and many other options in NI Kontakt will blow your mind.  

Feel difference feel reality

Guerrini Professional 4 sample pack has been made by hi end equipment quality and in 24-bit samplerate with full effect and noises of real accordion. There are 11+1 register with 3 levels of dynamic and 4 variations. Pitch bend and modulation wheel are also useful for dynamics, dimming of tomes and vibrato (accordion left hand effect).

Are you ready for a new challenge?

Let your creativity impress you, make everything sounds as you can imagine, move borders of your abilities and make alive everything you create. Only you should do is to connect your controll instrument via MIDI cable and party will begin. With 14 new voice sounds, you will be real acoustic accordionist at studio as well as at live performances.

Guerrini Pro 4 in sf2 format

Guerrini Professional 4 in full convertible SoundFont format. Use most realistic accordion sample in any software or hardware sample player. Three levels of dynamic make it sounding exactly as real accordion from slow and soft to very fast and sharp famous Guerrini voice. Accordion sample ready for KORG, Roland, Yamaha, Kurzweil, Akai, Halion, EXSP24, Proteus X /Emulator X, Giga Sampler and all other sample players.

Studio virtual accordion

The time of virtuoso music performers have passed. Accordion is one of music instruments which hasn’t studied and made for virtual usage so much.  Guerrini Professional 4 accordion sample pack is full and realistic version of, one of the best Guerrini trademark ever, accordion. Come in future of virtual accordion and feel magic.



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Guerrini Professional 4

For NI Kontakt




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Guerrini Professional 4

SF2 version




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Downloadable only








- Guerrini Professional 4, buttoned accordion, 1974th year

- 44.1 KHz / 24-bit

- 2212 samples / 486 MB

- All original 11 right hand registers / 43 buttons

- Left hand “Organtone Bass” register / 120 buttons

- Right and left hand in the same instrument (patch)

- 4 variations for right hand (Intelligent random X4)

- 2 variations for left hand (Intelligent random X2)

- Right hand instruments in 3 dynamic levels

- Right hand voices looped – unlimited length

- Controllable key, release and register noises

- Built-in changeable reverb, echo and attack time

- Force playing gently, normal or sharp

- Visual information of basic voices in use

- Dynamic bellow control controllable by expression pedal

- Natural “suffocate” tone effect

- Vibrato – bellow shake (left hand effect)                          


  System Requirements:



  Native Instruments Kontakt 5.0.2 or above (full version)

  Free Kontakt Player is not supported!

  Low latency sound card

  1GB free Hard drive space for the sample pack



  Intel Pentium 1.4 GHz or equivalent AMD

  Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8




  G4 1.4 GHz or Intel® Core™ Duo 1.66 GHz

  OS 10.4.x or above

  2 GB RAM

GP4 Box crop


Special thanks to accordion maestro Vladimir Petrović!


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